HEP/HIV Care Association is a registered non-profit company that aims is to improve Hepatitis and HIV management by increasing access to Hepatitis and HIV diagnosis, care, treatment support systems utilising the latest mobile technology.

We aim to use mobile technology that will empower communities to:

  • Participate in educational and implementation research
  • Strengthen communities’ health systems into sustainable solutions
  • Reduce the incidence of Hepatitis, HIV and other chronic disease
  • Improve diagnosis, linkage to care, treatment, health logistics and adherence support for people affected by Hepatitis, HIV and other chronic diseases

HEP / HIV care will focus on the following key populations:

  • Sex Workers
  • Drug Users
  • Men who have sex with Men ( MSM)
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Prisoners
  • Children
  • Pregnant Women

Heptitis/HIV co-infection in South Africa:

There is progressive concern about the evolving burden of morbidity and mortality caused by co-infection with HIV and hepatitis virus in South Africa, but the epidemiology and impact of this problem are not well defined.

HEP/HIV Care’s new technology including digital mobile solutions and health system strengthening approach to addressing both Hepatitis and HIV issues has made the organisation a pioneer in implementing a comprehensive mobile system of support for Hepatitis and HIV clients.

There is increasing evidence that chronic HIV/HEP co-infection is associated with long-term morbidity and mortality that exceeds the impact of infection with either one of these viruses alone in African populations. Adding to the scale of the problem, many individuals in Africa are particularly vulnerable to liver disease for a variety of other reasons including diet, genetics, and exposure to toxins and other pathogens.


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This website provides new mothers/childcare providers with useful information from the Road to Health booklet, including information about immunisations, nutrition, your baby’s development, and danger signs as per our country guidelines and World Health Organisation guidelines. You can also register to receive handy reminders by email so that you do not forget your child’s important clinic visits.


Dr Ben Mulaudzi


Dr Ben Mulaudzi uses his wealth of experience and engagement in local, national and international decision-making health forums to provide strategic direction and oversight to the HEP/HIV Care Association.

Ben is a HIV clinician and preventive medicine expert with 15 years of public health experience in implementing HIV programs within the Rustenberg mining area. Ben has a MBCHB from MEDUNSA university and is current a board member of the HIV Clinicians Society.

Sizwe Nzima


Sizwe Nzima, 23, who graduated from the Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development in 2013, runs, Iyeza Express, a bicycle delivery healthcare courier company. He was recognised by Forbes Magazine’s 30 under-30 Africa’s best young entrepreneurs list.

Naseema Sonday


Naseema is an experienced Patency law attorney with unique skills and experienced in the innovation sector. She is currently the Intellectual Property & Contracts Officer at University of the Western Cape. Previously, she was a Candidate Technology Commercialisation Manager at Technology Innovation Agency as well as at Venture Capital firms, Knife Capital and Invenfin.

In addition she was the Intellectual Property Research Assistant at the South African Medical Research Council - Innovation Centre. She hold a BSc ( Hons) from UWC and LLB from UNISA.